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Gladiator Air Vent Cleaner AC Pro GT20 - 500ML

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Gladiator AC Pro has an environment protective formula and natural material, the product can be applied to the auto air conditioner without removing it. The product is harmless to the human body and it could eliminate bacteria and odors effectively and quickly. The Gladiator AC Pro foam could soak into the interior of the air conditioner so that it could directly get rid of the dirt, oil stain, bedbug, leaf, and other sundries in the air conditioner. Meanwhile, it could kill the bacteria, remove the odors, and prevent the bacteria from growing for a long time. The product has possessed the ability to recover the refrigeration and heating performance of the air conditioner, save power and extend the duration of the air conditioner.


  • Brand: Gladiator
  • Weight:500ML
  • Type: Car AC Vent Cleaner

Product Features:

  • Eliminate the odor & Freshens car interior.
  • Remove dirt, bacteria and odors from Vent dust

How to Use:

1. Turn off the car air conditioner, Find the external air outlet.

2. Shake up the Ac Pro, and spray it into the air outlet.

3. Cover your air outlet with some cloth. 

4. Turn on the air conditioner, the dirt will be discharged automatically from the air outlet.

Specific References

Salhay hussnain
A C :

Good item

Ahmed Ali
Amazing Product:

My car's ac ducts have such a bad smell, old odor. This is the first product I've tried that completely removed the odor.I would recommend it to anyone dealing with a similar problem.

Mubashir Numan
I Liked It::

Excellent stuff. It was served in a car. The bacteria and moldy odor vanish. The product performs as expected, eliminating condenser stink and saving money.

Choudhary Wajid
fresh and lovely:

It's gone once you've used this can, and the spray itself smells fresh and lovely. It got rid of the mildew and replaced the previous odor with a fresh, clean aroma that all of my guests love.

Noman Ishaq
Completely satisfied.:

These are the cleaners to purchase...but the customer service is far superior. They were greatfull... and I was completely satisfied.

Adil Hamid
the stuff works.:

It's just that the stuff works. The odor is initially overwhelming, but that's to be expected given the task it has to do.

Husnain Afridi
Eliminating the unpleasant stink:

I bought this in the hopes of eliminating the unpleasant stink coming from the vents throughout the summer. I followed the simple directions. It's a simple fix, even if I only have to do it once a year.

Rafi Asad
Mold and Fungal Remover:

This unit is an excellent mold and fungal remover. It is quite effective. Every 4-5 months, I clean my vents with one bottle. Everyone knows how the air conditioner smells after a few uses. This cleanser fully eliminates the issue.

Farman Asif
Smells fantastic!:

In my car, the dirty foot smell was completely gone thanks to the cleaner! Everything now smells fantastic! Will absolutely use this as needed or with fresh filters every year!

Usama Anis

This was the product that removed a residual odor from a used car purchased in 2018. This was fantastic since it worked and restore the scent of my car!

Faizan Azad
fresher and healthier:

I used a cleaner to clean out my musty, moldy car air conditioning system. The air conditioner began to smell fresher and healthier right away.

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