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Gladiator Multi-Purpose Degreaser with Microfiber Cloth

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This Gladiator Multi-Purpose Degreaser is a new neutral grease cleaner for Car engine surface, grille, paint surface, door trim, windshield, seat, and more. The Gladiator Degreaser cleaner is a perfect degreaser for removing the toughest oil, grease, mud, dirt, and grime off all of your vehicle engines.


  • Brand: Gladiator
  • Weight: 500ML
  • Type: Engine degreaser cleaner

Product Features:

  • Gladiator Engine degreaser is for all car engines, machine tools, and parts.
  • Quickly removes oily & greasy dirt
  • Restores your engine's shine.
  • Phosphate acid & solvent-free
  • Safe for use on all metal engine components, tubes, and hoses

Recommended for Car: engine surface, grille, paint surface, door trim, windshield, seat, etc.

How to Use:

Spray degreaser on the surface, leave for a few minutes, and rinse with a damp sponge or directly under the water.

Package Includes:

  • 1 X Gladiator Multi-Purpose engines Degreaser
  • 1 X Microfiber Cloth

Specific References

Shabbir Rafiq

In general, the product is satisfactory. I purchased two packs and put them on my car; they perform as expected.

Wasif Malik
Recommended Product:

When I do maintenance on my mower once a year, I use it. It looks brand new again.

Kashif Aziz
I'm happy :

Wow, that really made it shine. I've never seen the engine look so good; it was truly fantastic. I could definitely go over it again, but I'm happy with the results I have now.

Kaleem Saqlain
I like it :

I bought it to clean the engine of my car before selling it. I didn't scrub it in, just sprayed it on. It did a good job of cleaning it up.

Misbah Nouman
looks brand new!:

When I acquire a secondhand automobile, I buy this stuff, make sure the engine is cold, cover the ignition sources, spray it on, move it around with a paintbrush, and wipe it, and it looks brand new!

Ayyan Pervaiz
Beauty :

I've never found a degreaser that works as well as this one. Beauty must be paid for in some way. For the money, this is probably the best engine degreaser.

Osama Dawood
cleaning engine :

This product is fantastic at cleaning engine compartments! This product performed wonders on cleaning things!

Sarwar Rana

Excellent product that has remained unchanged over time. Excellent service and timely delivery

Faheem Raja
worked perfectly:

Cleans greasy motors and is simple to use. I needed bottles to clean a tractor, but it had been dirty for some time, so the product worked perfectly.

Mehboob Imtiaz
great product with great microfiber:

This product works great and does what it's supposed to do. I will purchase again. And once more, great product with great microfiber.

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