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The car pressure washer machine provides strong water flow, easily and quickly clean your car, siding, decks, kids' outdoor toys, patio furniture, garbage cans, pet cages, outdoor equipment, etc. The electric pressure washer has an adjustable nozzle that lets you can choose a narrow, wide fan or foam mode by rotating the nozzle. Never worry about replacing or losing the nozzle. Now you can wash & clean your car with our pressure Washer for a car. We have a car washer machine in various sizes. For more washers for cars, see below.

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Pressure Washers

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Car Washer Gun Pump High Pressure Cleaner Car Care...
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Rs 4,899 Rs 7,500
  • ✔ Work with 12V DC and 220V AC.
  • ✔ Save Water. Can wash the car using 2 water buckets.
  • ✔ Save car wash/shampoo and your time.
  • ✔ Lightweight, Small and convenient.
  • ✔ Power consumption: 80W
  • ✔ Flow...
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