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An ashtray is a receptacle for ash from cigarettes and cigars. You can use normal ashtrays for ash if you are at home. But when you are in the car, you need a special cigarette ashtray for the car. Ashtrays are typically made of fire-retardant material and heat-resistant plastic, pottery, metal. If you smoke while driving, a car ashtray is essential to your safety and to prevent any littering on the roads. It’s always a good idea to have a product that enhances your vehicle’s interior. We’ve selected a high-quality car ashtray that is easy to attach to car cup holders and will keep odors at a minimum.



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Effectively to prevent ashtray.
Made of internal and external flame retardant materials.
Durable and long service life.
Easy to install and clean, you can install it on the car air vent or the bottle holder.
It is ideal for...

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